Customer info hooks


The Customer module uses this hook to gather information on the types of customer information profiles defined by enabled modules. Each type is represented as a new bundle of the customer information profile entity and will have a corresponding checkout pane defined for it that may be used in the checkout form to collect information from the customer like name, address, tax information, etc. Every bundle comes with a locked address field and additional fields may be added as necessary.

The Customer module defines a single customer information profile type in its own implementation of this hook, commerce_customer_commerce_commerce_customer_profile_type_info():

  • Billing information - used to collect a billing name and address from the customer for use in processing payments.

The full list of properties for a profile type is as follows:

  • type - string identifying the profile type, lowercase using alphanumerics, -, and _
  • name - the translatable name of the profile type, used as the title of the corresponding checkout pane
  • description - a translatable description of the intended use of data contained in this type of customer information profile
  • help - a translatable help message to be displayed at the top of the administrative add / edit form for profiles of this type
  • addressfield - boolean indicating whether or not the profile type should have a default address field; defaults to TRUE
  • module - the name of the module that defined the profile type; should not be set by the hook but will be populated automatically when the pane is loaded

Example customer information profile type definition:

<?php $profile_types['billing'] = array( 'type' => 'billing', 'name' => t('Billing information'), 'description' => t('The profile used to collect billing information on the checkout and order forms.'), ); ?>

Customer information profile types may be altered using hook_commerce_customer_profile_info_alter(&$profile_types) after the module has been set.

A single customer profile type array is referred to as $profile_type. An array of customer profile type arrays keyed by type is referred to as $profile_types. The type of a customer profile type is referred to as $type.

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