Rules Overview

What is it about the amazing flexibility of Drupal that is so addictive? It's like being a Chef and having all the best ingredients at your finger tips. Or perhaps it's like being a lego-nerd and having an unlimited supply of any brick or any set that was ever made. For free.

Drupal has Views for listing content, Rules for reacting, Flags for collecting, ctools for abstracting, and just about anything else you can imagine built on top of those. But what we want to focus on is Rules and how they affect Pricing in Drupal Commerce.

Product Price Calculations happen under store configuration product pricing rules
  • Administration
  • Store
  • Configure
  • Product Pricing Rules

Rules makes it possible to be an e-commerce site builder or even store manager and be able to dream up complex and cool discounts, sales, and many other things simply using Drupal Commerce Pricing Rules.

Drupal Commerce Documentation Examples using Rules

There are a number of topics we handle in the Drupal Commerce documentation that include some or all of the Rule interface to show off a certain aspect. Below we've listed a small accounting of the articles that are written to take advantage and teach you more about the Rules interface.

There are also a lot of videos regarding Rules and Drupal Commerce that the Commerce Guys have put out there.

Third-Party Tutorials about Rules

You know something can be pretty complicated (but totally worth the effort) when the whole community comes together to help spread the word on how to work with it. We have below a number of resources that should help you learn Rules better (the core of Drupal Commerce Pricing).

Commerce Rules Contributions

Rules is a very extensible platform. There are a number of user contributed modules that can add additional functionality if needed.

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