Creating a checkout pane plugin

We will learn how to create a custom checkout pane.

We are going to add a custom completion message. It will appear along with the default completion message.

Lets create a module that will do this.

If you are using Drupal Console, then you can execute this command from docroot:

drupal generate:module  \
  --module="My checkout pane" \
  --machine-name="my_checkout_pane" \
  --module-path="modules/custom" \
  --description="My checkout pane" \
  --core="8.x" \
  --package="Custom" \

Now create the plugin using this command:

drupal generate:plugin:skeleton  \
  --module="my_checkout_pane" \
  --plugin-id="commerce_checkout_pane" \

A new file CustomCompletionMessage.php will be created inside src/Plugin/Commerce/CheckoutPane.

Make sure that file looks like this:


namespace Drupal\my_checkout_pane\Plugin\Commerce\CheckoutPane;

use Drupal\commerce_checkout\Plugin\Commerce\CheckoutPane\CheckoutPaneInterface;
use Drupal\commerce_checkout\Plugin\Commerce\CheckoutPane\CheckoutPaneBase;
use Drupal\Core\Form\FormStateInterface;

 * @CommerceCheckoutPane(
 *  id = "custom_completion_message",
 *  label = @Translation("Custom completion message"),
 *  admin_label = @Translation("Custom completion message"),
 * )
class CustomCompletionMessage extends CheckoutPaneBase implements CheckoutPaneInterface {

   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function buildPaneForm(array $pane_form, FormStateInterface $form_state, array &$complete_form) {
    $pane_form['message'] = [
      '#markup' => $this->t('This is a custom completion message.'),
    return $pane_form;


Enable the module my_checkout_pane.

drupal module:install my_checkout_pane

Now go ahead and place the pane.

Go to /admin/commerce/config/checkout-flows/manage/default.

You will see the Custom completion message pane.

Custom checkout pane 1

Custom checkout pane 2

Now when you complete checkout, you will see the custom completion message like this:

Custom checkout pane 3

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