Getting issues committed

How to get a Commerce issue committed

  • Up to date issue summary
  • Complete tests
    • If it is a bug report, tests are more important than the fix, they guarantee both that the bug exists and that the fix actually fixes it.
    • Make sure to have full test coverage, lazy test writing will stall your issue.
  • Reports of the patch working for others
    • Explain what you’re doing and what the patch fixes for you
    • This is helpful even if one person has already RTBC’d
  • Small single focus for each patch
    • Don’t try to fix 8 things at once. If needed, do the most common use case and can then cover additional use cases with additional patches.
    • A small patch means the reviewer can easily grasp the whole change quickly. Large and mixed patches require a lot more review and can’t be done quickly as the reviewer has to spend a lot of time understanding the whole patch. 4 little patches are faster than 1 big one.
  • Change Record entry
    • Write a change record entry if the patch requires ANY manual work from the site owner or changes existing functionality that might be breaking or confusing.

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