Core components

Drupal Commerce is built from many different components. Understanding these building blocks and their functionality will aid you in building your Drupal Commerce store.

Libraries and dependencies

  • TBD


  • Learn how the Core Conditions component allows us to create configuration entities with conditions.
  • Learn how to build your own Condition plugin or alter an existing one.
  • Learn how to filter the list of Conditions provided for specific configuration entities.

Sending HTML emails

  • Learn how to use the Swift Mailer module to send HTML emails.
  • More TBD

Understanding resolvers

  • Learn about the concept of Resolvers.
  • Learn about types of Resolvers and how they're used in Drupal Commerce.
  • Learn about the structure of Resolvers and Chain resolvers.

Relationship diagrams

  • Learn about the major Drupal Commerce entities and their relationships.

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