State Machine

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Provides code-driven workflow functionality.

A workflow is a set of states and transitions that an entity goes through during its lifecycle. A transition represents a one-way link between two states and has its own label. The current state of a workflow is stored in a state field, which provides an API for getting and applying transitions. An entity can have multiple workflows, each in its own state field. An order might have checkout and payment workflows. A node might have legal and marketing workflows. Workflow groups are used to group workflows used for the same purpose (e.g. payment workflows).


Workflow and WorkflowGroup are plugins defined in YAML, similar to menu links.

Example: commerce_order.workflow_groups.yml:

  label: Order
  entity_type: commerce_order

Groups can also override the default workflow class, for more advanced use cases.

Example: commerce_order.workflows.yml:

  id: order_default_validation
  group: order
  label: 'Default, with validation'
      label: Draft
      label: Validation
      label: Completed
      label: Canceled
      label: 'Place order'
      from: [draft]
      to:   validation
      label: 'Validate order'
      from: [validation]
      to: completed
      label: 'Cancel order'
      from: [draft, validation]
      to:   canceled

Transitions can be further restricted by guards, which are implemented as tagged services:

        class: Drupal\mymodule\Guard\FulfillmentGuard
          - { name: state_machine.guard, group: commerce_order }

The group argument allows the guard factory to only instantiate the guards relevant to a specific workflow group.

The current state is stored in a StateItem field. A field setting specifies the used workflow, or a value callback that allows the workflow to be resolved at runtime (checkout workflow based on the used plugin, etc.).

A validator is provided that ensures that the specified state is valid (exists in the workflow and is in the allowed transitions).

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