This documentation section describes how you can organize customer-related information within a Drupal Commerce site. For many Drupal sites, integration with a third party application, such as HubSpot or Salesforce, provides additional functionality. Step-by-step instructions and explanations will help you set up and manage customers, profiles, and addresses.


  • Learn how to manage your customer data using the three customer-related modules required by Drupal Commerce:


  • Learn about address formats, countries, and subdivisions.
  • Customize address forms and displays.


  • Customize profiles for capturing customer information.
  • Control access to profiles and manage profiles administratively.

Customer Accounts

  • Customize user accounts for use by customers.
  • Learn about options for managing customer accounts.

Customer Groups

  • Create a discount based on customer groups, using Drupal user roles.
  • Create a customer group taxonomy to organize customer accounts.

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