The Address module provides functionality for storing, validating, and displaying international postal addresses. On eCommerce sites in general, when going through checkout customers are often annoyed by US-centric address forms. When interviewed about cart abandonment, this topic is a common complaint. In Drupal Commerce, the Address module solves this problem by providing country-specific address forms to customers along with the capability to display the addresses properly for shipping or billing purposes.

Address formats

  • Learn about the structure of addresses and address formats.
  • Create a custom address field by repurposing an unused one.

Countries and subdivisions

  • Modify the list of available countries and set the default country for customers.
  • Add or modify subdivisions for a country.

Address entry

  • Override address field settings to control whether certain fields are always hidden, optional, or required.
  • Customize address form fields and their labels.
  • Set initial values for address fields.
  • TBD: use an external service for postal code validation.

Address display

  • Use the Default address formatter for country-specific address formats or extend it to modify its functionality.
  • Use the Plain address formatter with custom theming to precisely control the display of addresses.
  • Override the default language used for formatting addresses on multilingual sites.

Zones and territories

  • TBD

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