This section provides an overview of the Profile module and describes how profiles are used in Drupal Commerce.


  • Familiarize yourself with the concepts of profiles and their relationship to user accounts.
  • Learn about how profiles are organized in a customer's address book and how they are used in the checkout process.
  • Learn how a custom profile type can be used for shipping addresses during checkout.

Profile configuration

  • Add a Contact phone field to the customer profile type.
  • Create a new profile type to capture additional information about your customers.
  • Learn about configuration options for profile types.

Profile management

  • Control access to profiles and their fields for your customers and administrative users.
  • Manage profiles on behalf of customers.
  • Learn options for importing and exporting profiles.

Code recipes

  • Create and load profile types and profiles programmatically.
  • Implement a profile label event subscriber to override the default label for profiles.
  • Customize profile forms for checkout and administrative data entry.

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