Important: You must use Composer to update Drupal Core, Drupal Commerce and all contributed modules. Otherwise, your site will break. Also, you should always back up your site before starting an update procedure. See Concept: Data Backups documentation in the Drupal 8 User Guide for more information.

In order to keep Drupal Commerce and your other installed modules up-to-date, you can use Composer to produce a list of outdated modules with the Composer outdated command:

composer outdated --direct

Then for each outdated project, you can use the Composer update command:

composer update drupal/token --with-dependencies

See Updating for additional information about how to make updates using Composer.

Also, it is critically important that you keep up-to-date with Drupal security advisories. You can subscribe to the "Security announcements" newsletter in your user profile settings.

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