• Commerce 2.x currently requires Drupal 8.5.0 or newer. Generally we require each minor release, as it contains improvements that we use, or to reduce our code base.

  • If you already have a web server, make sure it satisfies Drupal 8’s requirements. The recommended memory limit is 256MB or more.

  • To properly take advantage of Drupal's configuration management system, you should always develop locally. For local development we recommend DDEV (Docker-based) or Drupal VM (Vagrant-based).

  • You will also need Composer. We recommend that you use the newest version of composer, as older versions may or may not work. Check that your version matches the version listed on

    PHP requirements

  • Drupal Commerce requires that you have the bcmath extension installed.

  • If you are using Drupal VM, add the following to your configuration (change PHP version number if needed).

    - php7.1-bcmath
  • If you are having issues related to the bcmath extension, the Drupal VM documentation provides useful information.

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