Important: You must use Composer to update Drupal Core, Drupal Commerce, and all contributed modules. Otherwise, your site will break. Also, you should always back up your site before starting an update procedure. See Concept: Data Backups documentation in the Drupal 8 User Guide for more information.

To update to the newest version of Drupal Commerce, you will need to update with Composer.

Due to the way Drupal.org manages package information, you need to run one of the following commands. Until Change submodule metadata to use '*' instead of 'self.version' is fixed, this is needed.

To update Drupal Commerce and all contributed projects extending Drupal Commerce:

composer update --with-dependencies "drupal/commerce*"

If you want to only upgrade Drupal Commerce, run this command:

composer update --with-dependencies drupal/commerce drupal/commerce_price drupal/commerce_product drupal/commerce_order drupal/commerce_payment drupal/commerce_payment_example drupal/commerce_checkout drupal/commerce_tax drupal/commerce_cart drupal/commerce_log drupal/commerce_store drupal/commerce_promotion drupal/commerce_number_pattern

Once the Drupal.org infrastructure issue is resolved, the command will be

composer update drupal/commerce --with-dependencies

Please note the --with-dependencies option. Without this option specified, any needed, contributed projects and libraries will not update. Only the Drupal Commerce module will be updated.

Run your Drupal updates once all of the dependencies are updated. We recommend running them on the command line rather than the update.php script. See the example below.

drupal debug:update
drupal update:execute

Composer update tips

If your composer update command isn't working, you can try:

  • Run composer why-not to check dependency issues.
  • Run composer remove then composer require to reinstall the project.
  • Delete the composer.lock file and entire /vendor directory from your project and then run composer install.
  • Run composer clear-cache.
  • Run composer self-update.

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