How to Create a Custom Order Workflow

In many cases, the default order workflows may not provide the states and transitions that match a store's operational processes. Commerce 2 allows developers to create custom workflows that fit custom requirements.

In this tutorial we show you how to create a custom workflow, building on top of the Fulfillment workflow provided by the Commerce Order module. Let's suppose that processing and fulfilling an order are two separate steps for our store. This could be because different staff process the order e.g. verify payment and check availability, and different staff packages and ships the products.

Defining a Workflow

An order workflow is defined in a YAML configuration file in a custom or contrib module, let's call it my_module. The file should be called my_module.workflows.yml and it should be created at the root folder of the module. Drupal Commerce will automatically detect the file and load the workflows defined in it, after you clear the caches.

Have a look at the original definition of the Fulfillment workflow in the commerce_order.workflows.yml file. We are going to add a Processing state and specify that the order should move from Draft, to Processing, to Fulfillment, and finally to Completed state.

The group key in the definition should always have "commerce_order" as its value.

    // my_module.workflows.yml

      id: my_module_fulfillment_processing
      group: commerce_order
      label: 'Fulfillment, with processing'
          label: Draft
          label: Processing
          label: Fulfillment
          label: Completed
          label: Canceled
          label: 'Place order'
          from: [draft]
          to: processing
          label: 'Process order'
          from: [processing]
          to: fulfillment
          label: 'Fulfill order'
          from: [fulfillment]
          to: completed
          label: 'Cancel order'
          from: [draft, processing, fulfillment]
          to:   canceled

Associating the Order Type with the Workflow

Once the workflow is registered, we need to associate an order type with it. We will assume that we use the default order type for this example. Visit /admin/commerce/config/order-types and select to Edit the default workflow. Use the workflow dropdown to choose the "Fulfill, with processing" option.

Associating the Order Type with the New Workflow

On a production site you may want to export the Order Type as configuration and that would contain its workflow association as well - see Managing your site's configuration.

Testing the Result

Once the workflow is registered and it is associated with an order type, store managers should be able to move the order through the define states via the defined transitions. Place a test order and go to its View admin page. The order should be automatically put in the Processing state and you should be able to move it to the Fulfillment state by clicking the "Process order" button (indicating that the order has been processed), and then to the Completed state by clicking the "Fulfill order" button.

You can also cancel the order at any step, as defined in the workflow's transitions.

Moving an Order from Processing to Fulfillment

Moving an Order from Fulfillment to Completed

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