If you are evaluating Drupal Commerce as a potential ecommerce solution, this section will help you decide whether Drupal Commerce can meet your needs concerning how you can organize, maintain, and display your product-related information. If you are a site builder or developer, step-by-step instructions and explanations will help you get started with setting up products in your Drupal Commerce site.


  • For anyone working with Drupal Commerce, start by learning general concepts related to products.
  • For developers interested in writing custom code, familiarize yourself with the product information structure.

Product architecture

  • Learn how to define and configure your products and product categories.
  • Explore a variety of Drupal Commerce product architectures.

Product management

  • Design and customize the product management experience for administrative users.
  • Create product content programmatically, via bulk importing, and using data entry forms.

Displaying products

  • Customize the display of products on your site.
  • Set up the Add to cart form to allow customers to select products and add them to their carts.

Marketing products

  • Create a product search page and product catalog.
  • More TBD

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