Displaying products

Learn techniques for displaying products on your site.

Product display pages

  • Customize the product pages that are displayed on your site.
  • Learn about the concept of "product variation field injection".

Add to cart form

  • Include the "Add to cart form" on product pages and/or other pages on your site to allow customers to add products to their shopping cart.
  • Learn about options for customizing the Add to cart form, including adding fields for customizable products.

Product attributes

  • Customize the product attribute elements that appear on the Add to cart form.
  • Learn about the Rendered attribute element type.

Theming products

  • Use Twig to create a layout for products, variations, or product attribute values.

Multi-product displays

  • Use Views to display a page with multiple products.

Product images

  • TBD
  • Image delta formatter: image_delta_formatter module

Code recipes

  • List of specific recipes or categories of recipes.

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