Product display pages

This section describes how to customize the product pages that are displayed on your site. We will look at how to manage configuration for products and variations using the Manage display form for product types.

Product manage display ui


Product variation field injection

When a product type is created, the, Inject product variation fields into the rendered product configuration setting is enabled by default. To see what that setting does, let's start by disabling product variation field injection for the Simple product type, using its Edit form.

Disable variation field injection

In the following image, we have the Manage display configuration form for the Simple product type on the left. To the right, we have a Simple product as it's displayed on the site. You can see that the order of the fields matches up, and labels are displayed as expected.

The Add to cart form formatter is used by default for the Variations field, to display an Add to cart button instead of variations data (like title, price, and attributes). Configuration for the Add to cart form formatter is explained in the next section.

Display without field injection

But what if you want the Add to cart button/form and variations data displayed on your product page? That's what the product variation field injection setting gives you. Enable the setting, and you'll see additional fields that come from the Manage display configuration for the Product variation type. This is the same Simple product with product variation field injection enabled:

Display with field injection

The fields from the Product variation type display are combined with those of the Product type display. At this point, you may be wondering how to control the positions of the Product variation fields, in relation to the Product fields. When a product is rendered, all the product and product variation fields are sorted based on weight. To control the field positions, you should use the Show row weights link to explicitly set the weight for each field. This link is located at the top-right of each Manage display configuration form.

In this image, the Manage display configuration form for the Simple Product type is on the left; the Manage display configuration form for the Simple Product variation type is on the right. Show row weights has been enabled. The weight values have been set so that the Product variation Images field is displayed after the Product Title field, and the Product variation Price field is displayed after the Product Body field.

Ordering injected fields

Product variation field injection with multiple variations

In the previous section, we looked at product variation field injection for the Simple product type, which is a product type with no attributes and only a single variation per product. For product types with attributes and multiple variations, the values that are rendered for the product variation correspond to the currently selected product variation.

In this example, we have a Product type with two attributes, Color and Size. The Drupal Commerce Hoodie has a price of $52.00 for Size Small and $62.00 for Size Medium. When the selected product variation is changed from the default Blue / Small to Green / Medium, both the Product variation Image and Product variation Price fields are updated on the displayed page.

Ordering injected fields

Links and resources

In the next section, we'll look at how you can customize the Add to cart form.

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