Product architecture

Documentation in this section describes various approaches to product architecture. Learn how to structure your product types to best suit your specific business logic needs.

Simple product type

  • Create a simple, single-variation product type.
  • Add an Image field to a product variation type.

Product attributes

  • Create product attributes and a product type with multiple variations.
  • Add a Color field to a product attribute.

Product categories

  • Create a simple Brand taxonomy and a hierarchical Product category taxonomy.
  • Integrate the taxonomies with specific product types.

Product architectures

  • An overview of approaches to product architecture in Drupal Commerce
  • Contributed modules for extending product architecture options
  • Introduction to the Purchasable Entity concept

Multilingual products

  • Enable translations for products, variations, and product attribute values.

Code recipes

  • Create product types, variation types, and product attributes.
  • Load product types, variation types, and product attributes.
  • Implement the PurchasableEnityInterface for custom product architectures.

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