Access control

In Drupal Commerce, access control for product management is based on Drupal's permissions system. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Permissions in Drupal, you can read about Users, Roles, and Permissions in the Drupal 8 User Guide. Managing user roles & permission in Drupal 8 is also a good introductory article on the topic.

Administrative users with product management responsibilities will need the Use the commerce administration pages permission as well as any relevant Commerce Product permissions. Here is a list of Commerce Product permissions, as displayed on the User Permissions page (/admin/people/permissions).

Commerce Product Permissions

In the above image, six permissions prefixed with Default: have been highlighted. Drupal Commerce provides bundle-level granularity for its Product permissions. In other words, each product type has its own set of create / delete / update / view permissions. So it's possible to have different product managers for different product types.

All users with product management responsibilties will also need the Access the product overview page permission so that they can access the Products page at /admin/commerce/products.

Additionally, since every product must be assigned to one or more stores, users will not be able to create products unless they have the View stores permission. Granting this permission will not give users access to the store admin pages.

In the next section, we'll look at how you can customize the forms used for creating and editing product-related data.

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