Product overview page

This section describes how you can use Drupal Views to customize the Product overview page, located at /admin/commerce/products. If you are unfamiliar with using Views in Drupal, you can read about Creating Listings with Views, in the Drupal 8 User Guide.

Without any customizations, administrative users can use the Product overview page to:

  • Search for products by title (product name) or type (if multiple product types exist).
  • Sort the listing by title, product type, published status, or last update.
  • Perform delete, publish, and unpublish operations in bulk on selected products.

Basic product overview page

The functionality of this page is powered by Views. Navigate to /admin/structure/views/view/commerce_products to begin customizing the Products View using the administrative interface:

Products View

Modify displayed columns

Use the FIELDS section to add, remove, or reorder the columns displayed on the Products overview page. If you look at the list of Fields, you'll see two special items in addition to Title, Type (hidden if there's only one bundle), Status, and Updated. Bulk update and Operations links are two special Fields that will be described below. To control sorting options for the displayed fields, use the Settings link in the FORMAT section.

Modify filter options

You can create additional criteria for filtering products by setting options in the FILTER CRITERIA section. For example, if you want to provide an option for displaying only Published or Unpublished products, add Published as a filter criterion and select the expose this filter to visitors option. In the EXPOSED FORM section of the ADVANCED settings, you can further customize the appearance of the filter form on the products page.

Bulk update options

The Bulk update field provides the checkbox in the first column of the listing as well as the With selection menu. Drupal Commerce provides three options by default:

  • Delete product
  • Publish product
  • Unpublish product

Administrative users with the necessary permissions can execute these operations on selected products. You can remove any of these options by clicking on the Product: Bulk update item in the FIELDS section. You can also add options by creating Action plugins with custom code. Looking at the code for the Publish and Unpublish product Action plugins is a good place to start: Drupal\commerce_product\Plugin\Action\PublishProduct. The, Create an action for custom mass updates with Drupal 8, article is a good introduction to the topic.

Operations links

The Operations menu that appears in the rightmost column of the Products overview page can be modified with custom code, using hook_entity_operation_alter. If you are unfamiliar with hooks, see Understanding Hooks in the documentation provided by

In the next section, we'll look at how you can futher customize the Products View to provide Product Export options.

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