Subscriptions and recurring billing in Commerce 2.x are created and managed via the Commerce Recurring module. It supports a wide variety of types of subscriptions, payment plans, proration, etc. Out-of-the-box, the Commerce Recurring module provides rolling and fixed billing schedules that are either prepaid or postpaid. However, the module can be easily extended with custom plugins. Some sample use cases include...

Use Case Billing schedule Proration?
A software subscription is charged monthly starting on the date the customer purchases. Prepaid / Rolling No
An ecommerce retailer offers "membership" benefits such as free shipping in exchange for an annually recurring fee. Prepaid / Rolling No
A maintenance company offers a monthly service plan on equipment, payable on the first of the month. Prepaid / Fixed Yes
A cosmetics subscription gift box service sends customers product samples each month, charging them a fee on the last day of each month. Postpaid / Fixed No
A magazine subscription service sends the first issue immediately and then charges customers on the 5th of each month. Postpaid / Fixed No

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