Create standalone subscriptions

If a new Subscription is created through the Admin UI, "Standalone" is available as a subscription type option. This section describes what happens when a standalone type subscription is created. add_standalone_subscription

Once all the required field values have been entered and the form has been saved, the new Subscription is in the Pending state and does not yet have any recurring orders. In the previous section, we saw how the Cron service created AdvancedQueue Jobs for closing and renewing a recurring order. The Cron service also checks whether there are any pending subscriptions that have already started (i.e., subscription start date < current date/time). If any are found, a new AdvancedQueue Job (for 'activating' the subscription) is created and enqueued for each subscription.

The SubscriptionActivate JobType plugin is used to activate a subscription. If the subscription is not found or is not active, the plugin's process() method returns with a "failure" result. Otherwise, the activate transition is applied to the subscription and the RecurringOrderManager's ensureOrder() method is called to create the recurring order for the subscription. This is the same method that was used to create a recurring order for a product variation type subscription. At the end, we will have an "active" subscription with a single recurring order (in the "draft" state.)

The only difference between a subscription created from an order item and a standalone subscription is that neither the standalone subscription nor its recurring order item will have a purchased entity. The recurring order close-and-renewal process reamins the same. One possible use-case for a standalone subscription is a recurring donation system. The admin UI currently provides only basic functionality and would probably require improvements before it could be used in production. For example, the standalone subscription still requires a stored payment method; the Payment method field should be required and validated.

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