Receipt emails


These settings are managed on an Order Type basis so that you can have different settings for different types of orders and manage order notifications in a granular way.

Enable / Disable Customer Order Receipts & Store Notification Emails

Visit the Commerce configuration page and go to the Order types page in the Orders section.

Select Order types

Click on Edit on the order type you wish to configure

Select Order Type

Locate the Emails section

Check / uncheck notification

  • Check / uncheck the Email the customer a receipt when an order is placed box.
  • Enter the store notification email address into the Send a copy of the receipt to this email: field. You can enter multiple comma separated addresses into this field eg ",,"

Editing / Translating the Email Text

Use the template file located in /commerce/modules/order/templates/commerce-order-receipt.html.twig.

You can copy this file to your theme and then edit the text as desired. You can also use the file as a translation reference when searching for strings to translate in the user interface translation UI.

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