Capture an authorization

Payments can be authorized during the checkout flow and captured separately by store administrators at a later time (e.g., when a shipment is sent to fulfillment, when a shipment is shipped, or when a shipment is delivered). Note: not all payment gateways support this feature. Store administrators will only have the ability to capture a prior payment authorization if the payment gateway was configured for this type of transaction at the time the order was placed.

To capture a prior payment authorization for an order, navigate to the Orders management page from the Commerce menu using the administrative toolbar. Search or browse for the order with a prior payment authorization to be captured. Expand the operations popup and click Payments from the menu or click the hyperlinked order number to open the order view page then click the Payments tab to view the order payments.

Payments page (pre-capture)

Click the Capture button from the operations popup to view the Capture payment page.

Capture payment page

Update the Amount field as needed. Click the Capture button to submit the form and transmit the capture request to the payment gateway.

Payments page (post-capture)

If the capture request was successful, a success message will be displayed on the order payments page. Additionally, the payment state will be updated to Completed.

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