Delete a product

Sometimes you may wish to delete a product or one of its variations. Before deleting a product or variation, consider unpublishing the product or disabling the variation.

Disabling a product variation

This will prevent the product variation from being displayed or purchased, but will leave it in the system should you want to re-enable it at a later point.

A product's variation is disabled while editing the product. Click on the variation's Edit button. Locate the Active checkbox on the Variation form and uncheck it. Click Update Variation to complete the process. The product variation will no longer be available to purchase on your site.


Deleting a product variation

A product's variation is deleted while editing the product. Click on the variation's Remove button. A confirmation form will display. Click Remove once more to confirm.


Deleting entire product

A product can be deleted by editing it. At the bottom of the form there is a Delete link, which will display a confirmation form. Click Delete once more to confirm deletion. All variations will also be deleted.


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