Manage product structure

This guide assumes you have created your product attributes, or understand how they are used after reading how to configure product attributes

Currently you must create the product variation type first, then your product type. There is an open issue to streamline and simplify this process:

Create a product variation type

Following the example of having a t-shirt, the first step is to create a new product variation type for our t-shirt. Go to admin/commerce/config/product-variation-types

Configuration form

Click Add product variation type

Click on Add product variation type

This will open a form.

Fill product variation form

Now we will add image field to our product variation.

Click on Manage fields and then click on Add field

Click Add field under Manage fields tab

Now select field type Image under Reference.

Create an image field

Then click on Save and continue. Then save the settings for image field.

In these steps we added an image field to the variation. This allows us to upload a picture of the t-shirt based on its color. As the customer chooses a color to purchase, it will show that image.

Create a product type

Next, we need to create our product type for our t-shirts. Go to admin/commerce/config/product-types.

Click on Product types

Click on Add product type

Click on Add product type

This will open a form.

Fill product type form

Save settings and this will create our T-shirt product type.

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