The competitive nature of the current retail market has driven store owners to search for methods and strategies to stand out from the competition and to drive sales. Creating promotions has been the strategy that has proven most effective for achieving those two goals.

Drupal Commerce Core provides powerful pricing options that store administrators can leverage to turn their innovative promotion ideas into reality. Promotions and coupons give us the ability to configure pricing rules to meet the store's needs. Before we delve into the process of creating promotions and coupons, let's first get some basic understanding of these terms.

  • Promotion - a pricing strategy to increase/boost customer sales. It can include product-based discounts or discounts on the entire order. An unlimited number of promotions can be added. They are applied based on the weight that you give each promotion. Promotions with a lower weight are applied first.
  • Offer - the actual discount that customers will receive. For example, a "10%" discount.
  • Condition - the requirements that need to be met for the promotion to apply. For example, the offer will only apply if the order total is greater than "$100".
  • Compatibility - whether the promotion can be combined with other promotions.
  • Coupon - a promotion that applies only if the customer adds a matching voucher code during checkout.

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