Using coupons

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Let's now imagine that you're running a new email campaign that sends customers a coupon that they can use to get 15% off each order over $100. Setting up a coupon based promotion is almost exactly the same as creating a new promotion.

You go through the a same steps as creating a promotion, but with one exception. You now use the "Add New Coupon" button and add the following:

  • Enter a specific coupon code
  • Mark it as active
  • Set the number of times this coupon can be used

Finally, "Save" the promotion. Let's test this out by adding a few products that amount to an order total of over $100. Notice that a discount is not automatically applied as you have added a coupon to the promotion. Instead, in the "Checkout" page, you can see a 'Coupon code' textfield. Enter the coupon code in the promotion and hit "Apply coupon". You can now see that the 15% discount has been applied to the entire order.

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