Using coupons

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Let's now imagine that you're running a new email campaign that sends customers a coupon that they can use to get 15% off each order over $100.

Setting up a coupon based promotion is the same as creating a new promotion but with a extra step. You setup the promotion the same way as before, but this time lets add a Coupon to the promotion.

Click on the Coupon tab at the top of the page. Click on 'Add Coupon' and add the following:

  • Enter a specific coupon code
  • Mark it as active
  • Set the number of times this coupon can be used

Finally, "Save" the coupon.

Let's test this out by adding a few products that amount to an order total of over $100. Notice that a discount is not automatically applied as you have added a coupon to the promotion. Instead, in the "Checkout" page, you can see a 'Coupon code' textfield. Enter the coupon code in the promotion and hit "Apply coupon". You can now see that the 15% discount has been applied to the entire order.

In order to allow multiple coupons, go to the Checkout Flow page and edit the Checkout Flow that will be used. Edit the 'Coupon redemption' pane and click on the 'Allow multiple coupons to be redeemed'. Make sure to save.

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