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If you only need flat rates for shipments, you will be able to install only Commerce Shipping. The recommended way to install Commerce shipping is with Composer.

composer require drupal/commerce_shipping

Then enable the module, via Drush, Drupal Console or the UI.

drupal module:install commerce_shipping

However, you will likely also want a specific plugin for calculating shipping rates for your shipper(s) of choice. For example, Fedex, at this time, there are limited plugins created and you may need to create your own. See the list on the main shipping page. In general, installing those plugins is as simple as installing the Drupal module that includes them, although they may have specific installation instructions, in which case, please follow them. For example, to install the Fedex plugin, you would:

composer require drupal/commerce_fedex
drupal module:install commerce_fedex

Explain core concepts (packaging, boxes, shipments.)

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