Product Management Overview

Product management screens in Commerce Kickstart 2 are powered by Commerce Backoffice Product. This module was initially developed to handle Kickstart functionality, but was then retooled as a standalone experience so everyone could enjoy the power and finesse of the product management experience.

The Commerce Backoffice module has a dependency on Inline Entity Form, Views Megarow, and Views Bulk Operations.

Overview of Features

Advanced Filtering Demo

Advanced Filtering

The advanced filtering at the top is simply using the available filtering techniques available to any set of Views-powered page. This means it's completely configurable and can be exported and saved.

Inline Editing is powered by Views Mega Row.

Inline Editing

The inline editing function called "Quick Edit" is powered by Views Mega Row. When you click "Quick Edit" it brings in all of the product variations right there so you edit and disable variations right there.

Operations Button

Operations Button

There are multiple operations supported by the "Quick Edit" button.

You can use the included support for Bulk Operations.

Bulk Operations

You can use the included support for Bulk Operations. Which, out of the box only supports deleting products. Additional actions can easily be created by creating Rules Components. For example, you could create a Rules component that would add 10% cost to every product created.