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Key Features

Multiple stores

Whether international, multi-regional, or a marketplace, Drupal Commerce allows multiple stores that have a specific currency and supported billing and shipping countries.


You can import multiple currencies. Coupled with Drupal's multilingual and internationalization tools, Drupal Commerce provides localized e-commerce.


Wether you are selling physical or digital products or any type of license or membership access Drupal Commerce provides support for all. For more detailed information on how to set up products see Products documentation.

Order workflows

Not all orders are handled the same way. Orders in Drupal Commerce meet your order management needs. Whether digital, physical, or mixed each order can go through its own experience and workflow.


Whether you use PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, or any of the other many payment gateways, Drupal Commerce provides many integrations.


Wether you need promotions that are applied automatically or that require entering the coupon code on checkout Drupal Commerce provides support for both. With granular options for picking and choosing when and to what promotions will apply. To see more details see the Promotions documentation.


Taxes? No problem. Out of the box support for EU VAT, Swiss VAT, Canadian GST, US Sales Tax or other custom tax rules.


Drupal Commerce provides fully costumizable checkout process, with option to set up multiple different checkout flows that will best suite your needs. For more information check out the Checkout documentation page.


Shipping functionality is enabled in Drupal Commerce 2.x with an external module Commerce Shipping. This module provides an API and plugins for flat rate (both per order and per item) shipping functionality. There are many integrations to external shipping providers that are supported, please see more information on Shipping documentation page.